How to request a review from a book blogger

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I’ve written on this subject before, and me previous advice still stands, but after having received some more unusual requests, I feel it’s time for a refresh of the topic. If you’re an author with a new book you’re trying to promote, you’ll be looking for reviews. Book bloggers are a good place to get reviews because they give your book exposure to an audience who might not have seen it before, rather than just providing reviews on Amazon or Smashwords, which will only be seen by those already considering buying the book.

So how do you go about getting book bloggers to review your book?

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4 thoughts on “How to request a review from a book blogger

  1. Woah, thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see that writers think about us.
    There’s a lot of great advice on there. I liked the part that said that book bloggers are not bored individuals with no life. LOL. Yeah, we are interesting people and deserve respect. 🙂

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