Where to start with Stephen King

“God is cruel. Sometimes he makes you live.” 

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It was only a matter of time before I did this post and I am sure as I continue finding more of King works I will post another one in the not so distant future. He has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I have devoured a sizeable amount of his work. Some people have been asking me… where to start, is he as scary as everyone claims to be, is it hard to get into his work etc. This sparked an idea for a blog post and I can share my experience on how I discovered King and which of his books are more accessible.


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Goodreads Group: Stephen King Fans

It was in 2015 when I was shopping for books that I saw one title scream out from the rest, I took the book and naturally turned it and started reading the synopsis & I felt an urge to just sit there and devour it but I obviously paid first and dashed home to eat it up.

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During that week I was blown away by the concept of the story and it’s dark atmosphere, out of this world concept that just left me shocked at the execution of it. Immediately I finished I open Goodreads and investigated more of his books & that is how my soul was sold to Mr. King.

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The book that opened the rabbit hole was…



370 pages


Paul Sheldon. He’s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan. Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is more than a rabid reader – she is Paul’s nurse, tending his shattered body after an automobile accident. But she is also his captor, keeping him prisoner in her isolated house

P.S. The film adaptation stars Kathy Bates PHENOMENAL

It follows an author who gets into a car accident and is saved by his #1 Fan which in retrospect sounds like a pretty good thing but things aren’t what they seem to be. This will blow your mind in more ways than one and unlike his other books, this one is on the shorter side. The tale is so gripping you will forget to eat, shower or sleep and I usually recommend people to dip their toes in this one. You may also start with his first published novel Carrie but I haven’t read it yet (Ooops!!! I know I will fix that soon)



The Shining


447 pages

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Jack Torrance’s new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, he’ll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing. But as the harsh winter weather sets in, the idyllic location feels ever more remote…and more sinister. And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance, a uniquely gifted five-year-old.

This one deserves no introduction because it’s King Magnus Opus and it has all of his signature styles from beautiful writing, vivid creepy imagery, dark twisted character and just thrilling. Would highly recommend this 🙂



Dolores Claiborne


305 pages

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Forced by overwhelming evidence to confess her life of crime, Dolores Claiborne, a foul-tempered New Englander, describes how her disintegrating marriage years before caused her heart to turn murderous

This one that not a lot of people talk about I loved it…The narrative is told from the first person by Dolores, who is accused of killing her husband and she tells the police how it went down. She is one of the most complex characters in the King universe, her voice is strong and it sets a dark tone throughout the whole book. With tonnes of surprises, it will leave you shocked. Plus it one of the shorter books with the hardcover being 200pgs. Plus it feels like watching an episode of True Crime.

P.S. The film adaptation stars Kathy Bates it’s one of the best 🙂


Geralds Game


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 A game of seduction between a husband and wife goes horribly awry when the husband dies. But the nightmare has just begun…

This is one is probably one that isn’t for the faint-hearted but to those that feel like they can challenge their mental state, be my guest…  King manages to put the main character and the reader into one horrifying experience that will open a can of worms & live you utterly terrified.

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The story is pretty simple in plot but it offers upon layers and layers of horrific imagery and character study & warning on trigger topics such as abuse, rape, violent scenes. read the synopsis and see if you dare attempt it. FULL REVIEW HERE. It is criminally underrated!!

P.S. Companion to Dolores Claiborne 

P.S.S. The Netflix film adaptation is set to premiere on 2017

P.S.S.S It was brilliant

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Pet Sematary



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When the Creeds move into a beautiful old house in rural Maine, it all seems too good to be true: physician father, beautiful wife, charming little daughter, adorable infant son-and now an idyllic home. As a family, they’ve got it all…right down to the friendly car. But the nearby woods hide a blood-chilling truth more terrifying than death itself-and hideously more powerful. The Creeds are going to learn that sometimes dead is better.

This one was really scary but it starts out really slow but towards the end, you will not regret it… I was literally scared to the point I had to wake my sister up & tell her how scary this book is. The story follows a family that moves into a new house in Mane & soon discover that they reside next to a Cemetary of dead pets so yes this one is short and scary… You will not look at your pets the same way :0

I  sincerely hope this post directs you towards the twisted tales and amazing writing of Mr. King, plus if you do step into his world might I recommend you tackle at least one of his big books because that is where he shines.

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I am not in any way claiming to be an expert on King but from what I have read of his I have been impressed and I know a lot of people out there would love to join the club and these are just a few of the openings. If you are a big fan, read a majority of his works or would like to recommend any of his books please share down in the comments about all of them to kind of help each other out… I too would love to know what books I should get to soon.

Check out a more detailed article into Kings Multiverse

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A Quick Primer for Stephen King’s Entire Body of Work

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Thank you for reading guy and I hope I have been helpful 🙂

“There are too many books in the world to read in a single lifetime; you have to draw the line somewhere.”

 So until next time stay Bookish 😉









9 thoughts on “Where to start with Stephen King

  1. For someone who hasn’t read Stephen King before and is hesitant to commit to reading a novel-length work, I’d recommend “Night Shift.” It’s a collection of short stories from very early in his career. You can get a good idea of his style from them, and you’ll probably recognize several of the stories that have been made into movies.

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  2. I started out with Full Dark, No Stars because I mistakenly thought that short stories might be a little less scary. I was SO SO SO wrong. I keep taking breaks reading 1922 because I keep getting a tummy ache. Maybe I’m too much of a wuss for King? I love his writing though, in between rats chewing off udders and corpses in wells.

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    1. Oh now I desperately need to read it that sounds absolutely scary the rat part 😂 I have yet to read his short stories I tried Different Seasons but I just didn’t feel it… I should definitely try Full Dark, No Stars then 😅 your right his writing is so engrossing

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