Blow your House Down by Pat Barker book review (Short post)

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Genre: Mystery, Contemporary, European Lit


Devastatingly Tragic and just beautiful

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“”you don’t give it up love,” said Annie. “It gives you up.”

… I am at loss for words at what I just experienced. I feel like In have journeyed through the story for a month but I just whizzed through this in one sitting. I am officially a fan of Pat Barker’s work and I need more… She managed to pull me into the world of Prostitution as she explores similar themes that affect women just like her other book Union street (Review Here) (which I highly recommend)

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The story simply follows these group of prostitutes who have different backgrounds and daily struggles as they try to survive a Jack The Ripper copycat serial killer who is hunting them down. From single mothers who are looking for money to support their families to emotionally damaged individuals who are just trying to get through life, Pat Barker shines the spotlight on really dark issues.

First of all, if you are going in expecting a full blown mystery driven narrative you will a little letdown but they do feature some aspects of it. The story explores these women’s lives and how society has sort of painted them as “whores” and the author managed to tell their side of the story. The dangers that come with the profession and how horrific, tragic and scary it gets out of the street. It will alter your perspective on the subject as these women not only strive for a better life but support one another and strong life bonds are formed through this work experience.

The author really knows how to tap into the mind of the woman and explores themes of broken families, mental illness, unemployment and so much in such a short story the only flaw I could find is that this is the last book of hers I own and I need more. I would highly recommend Union House & This one.

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“There are too many books in the world to read in a single lifetime; you have to draw the line somewhere.”

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