2016 Honourable Mentions (Favourite Books-Edition) #RunnersUp

It’s that time of the year where the majority of blogs will bombard you with favourites and try to convince you to try out various Blogs, Music, Books and all other things that made it for them in 2016. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy this sort of post because it’s always a treat to see people genuinely excited about things and I am more inclined to pick up something if it comes highly recommended. Regardless, this post is just close to the favourite list in which I am going to speak about books that were amazing but didn’t make it to the TOP LIST, so stick around and prepare to be introduced to the HONORABLE MENTION BOOKS that should be on your shelves.

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Not in any particular order

(If Reviews are present they will be linked at the side of the title)

Also these are not all published in 2016 they are just some that I got to in 2016 🙂



Image result for return of the king book

Return of The King by J.R.R. Tolkien #3

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Epic Fantasy

Stunning conclusion to the magnificent & epic story arc of a young’s hobbit journey to destroy an evil powerful ring. Filled with groundbreaking world building, old style classic storytelling and the developments of side characters that will have you screaming at the battle scene. I am so glad I completed this trilogy because it was the pinnacle of fantasy storytelling. I would Highly recommend the whole trilogy.

P.S. The movies are everything 

(if you have read it tell me your favourite side character)



Image result for so you want to be a wizard

So you Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Middle Grade. Fantasy

This is one of the few middle-grade books that blew me away by its simplicity. The two protagonists are shoved into a world of talking energy orbs, cars with feelings and alternate worlds. It was so delightful with one of the best character developments that almost brought me to tears. It is my goal to find the rest of the books in the series.

Image result for so you want to be a wizard

(A must cosy read)


Image result for time traveler's wife book cover

 Time Travelers wife by Audrey Niffenegger

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Magical Realism, Romance, Contemporary 

I was already excited about the premise of the book when I first heard of it, one of the keywords that I am always drawn to is “Time Travel” but the conflicting reviews made me hesitant going in but fear not it was one very enjoyable read. It has stuck with me I even saw the movie twice and in all sense, it is an epic love story that overcomes time (literally) and it wasn’t more Sci-Fi but the way he treated the concept was refreshing.

Image result for time traveler's wife gif

Trailer Here

(What are your thoughts on this book?)


Image result for union street by pat barker

Union Street & Blow Your House Down by Pat Barker

(Book Review Here)


Genre: European Lit, Literary Fiction

I am sure most of the people are sick of me yapping about these two books, but I was shocked by how the author captured her female characters. In a way these two books are similar and they portray how women go through a lot and still survive. I will definitely be checking out her other work.


(If You have any suggestions)


Image result for Jackson Brodie Crime Series by Kate Atkinson

Jackson Brodie Crime Series by Kate Atkinson

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Literary Crime Fiction

I was looking for a crime series to follow up ever since I completed the Amazing Millennium Trilogy and I stumbled upon this one, I slowly started collecting the books and I have completed and read through all of them. It is less dark and gruesome that the millennium series but the writing took me by surprise. It got better with every series and I have since craved more of her other works (Life After Life)


(If you have any recommendations for Kate Atkinson, tell me)


Image result for shutter island book

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Bill, you have gone on and on about this

Image result for I am not gonna shut up gif

Yes, I won’t shut up about it and it is an experience that one has to go through. If you find it don’t even read the blurb just read it. One of the best mysteries out there.

Image result for get it gif

Movie Trailer Here


Image result for horns book cover

Horns by Joe Hill

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Horror, Magical Realism, Mystery

My first but definitely not my last Joe Hill book (as a matter of fact I am currently reading Fireman & enjoying) It was buddy read that blew away everyone who participated. Themes of religion and the mystery aspect will have you flipping the pages.


I loved it


Image result for doctor sleep book cover

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Horror, Magical Realism, Fantasy, Thriller

A sequel that came after so many years and a follow-up to the most iconic horror classic that was absolutely worthy of the title. As King said that even he wondered what happened to Danny Torrance and we get that answer and more other well-fleshed characters and awesome powers. I read it slowly so as to stay in this world, as King not only captures the character of a recovering Alcoholic and expands more on the ability to Shine 🙂


(Truly Iconic)


Image result for a thousand splendid suns book cover

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

(Book Review Here)


Genre: Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Middle Eastern Lit

This has been the year of the Amazing Khaled Hossein I have read two of his highly-acclaimed books. He has both brought me to tears and educated me on the history of the middle east. The story has made me appreciate the culture and see the world in a whole new perspective. The Story follows two women as they overcome war, early marriages and just other trials, with beautiful writing and amazing storytelling this comes highly recommended.

Image result for Please read gif

I am gonna enjoy gushing about my favourite books because I have read some quality titles in 2016. I have completed my Goodreads Goal (Here) Reading 93 books out of 40 books


But I don’t really care about the no.s because the books I have read have been of quality 🙂

Tell me what your favourite books & what book blew you away this year 🙂





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