44 Scotland Street (44 Scotland Street, #1) by Alexander McCall Smith (Short Book Review

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Genre: Humour, Contemporary, Cultural, Mystery

Surprised at how much I enjoyed this, really surprised… Before you read this review make some tea get cosy because you are about to take a sneak peek into other people’s lives

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“The young rarely believe that they will not be able to get what they want because there is always an open future.”

I have to admit that I am always a bit curious as to how my next-door neighbours live, how they act behind closed doors, what they eat for dinner, what books are on their bookshelves and just the general curiosity. Well if you have that burning itch to snoop this book is most definitely for you, the way the author captured the lifestyle of a small apartment building and the inhabitants were simply exquisite.

The premise of the book follows Pat a young naïve 20something-year-old girl who moved out of her parent’s house because “Independence” and on her search for a place to stay she comes across space at 44 Scotland Street. Her life takes an interesting turn when she meet

  • BruceHer Roommate who is a narcissistic womaniser
  • DomenicaA Writer/ Anthropologist who knows all the neighbour’s dirty laundry
  • Erica –  pushy Stockbridge mother, and her prodigiously talented five-year-old son, who is making good progress with the saxophone and with his Italian.
  • MatthewHer New Boss who is struggling to keep his Art Gallery Business afloat

And we follow each individual as they interact with one another as well as face their life struggles induvial.

The characters were so lifelike and the dialogue between them felt genuine. The witty banter present in the writing was sharp and had this dry humour that had me bursting out in public. I appreciate a book that could genuinely make me laugh and this one accomplished that goal so effortlessly. It still had its interesting moments of human psychology as some of the character’s philosophies shown without being too direct e.g. Disturbing Parental ways, Failed dreams, self-discovery and so much more. A mystery about a certain painting is present but be weary the mystery doesn’t drive the book but the individuals do.

“Daughters could survive a powerful mother, but boys found it almost impossible. Such boys were often severely damaged and spent the rest of their lives running away from their mothers, or from anybody who remotely reminded them of their mothers; either that, or they became their mothers, in a desperate, misguided act of psychological self defence.”

I really had one problem with the book the forced attraction between Pat and Bruce was off putting and just too confusing. It made the female character appear very weak and needy which was just another train wreck. Other than that, the book was such a pleasure from alcoholic dogs to Interesting characters and just hilarious scenes would highly recommend it.

About Author 

The small fact this book was originally serialised and a chapter was realised each week in an Edinburgh newspaper.

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