Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil Book Review (Short Post)

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Genre: Nonfiction, True Crime, Mystery, History, 

If you go to Atlanta, the first question people ask you is, “What’s your business?” In Macon, they ask, “Where do you go to church?” In Augusta, they ask your grandmother’s maiden name. But in Savannah, the first question people ask you is “What would you like to drink?”

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If you had told me a year ago that I would enjoy a nonfiction story based in Savannah Georgia, I would flat out laugh in your face

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The book was an expected force that literally sucked me in and introduced me to a genre I swore I would never attempt. Surprisingly, the true crime part of this book starts at the halfway mark, so before you set your mind on only that part I would urge to slow down and enjoy the secluded city of Savanah

“For me, Savannah’s resistance to change was its saving grace. The city looked inward, sealed off from the noises and distractions of the world at large. It grew inward, too, and in such a way that its people flourished like hothouse plants tended by an indulgent gardener. The ordinary became extraordinary. Eccentrics thrived. Every nuance and quirk of personality achieved greater brilliance in that lush enclosure than would have been possible anywhere else in the world.”

The book carries the weight of so many stunning characters that paired well with John Berendt’s atmospheric writing. He manages to make the reader feel like they are on a tour guide and by the end of the book, the reader feels like they are part of the small outsourced town.
The basic plot of the narrative is a murder that takes place in one of the illites house and it blows up into this whole media fest that rarely happens in Savanah but this book as stated before is much more than that…

It is an exploration of the history of the town’s impact on American History, the study of societal differences and class segregation. It touches on some gender/sexuality from the perspective of a black trans character and the issues of race. The corruption and flawed justice system and the elite influence on the slow growth of the town due to suspicion of the outsider investors. The writing doesn’t feel dry or convoluted it flows so effortlessly that it blurs the line between real life and fiction and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to dip their toes in nonfiction because believe me it can seem very intimidating.
If you are looking to visit the town of Savanah and the voodoo magic, elegant over the top parties, conspiracies and just dang good time, pick this one up.

Have you read this one? and can you recommend me more engaging nonfiction?


So until next time stay Bookish 😉









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