5 Books to Reread in 2018

"...the reader who plucks a book from her shelf only once is as deprived as the listener who, after attending a single performance of a Beethoven symphony, never hears it again." Welcome to another post Friends 😊 Today will dive into 5 books that need to be reread in 2018. As much as I love new books … Continue reading 5 Books to Reread in 2018

2016 Honourable Mentions (Favourite Books-Edition) #RunnersUp

It’s that time of the year where the majority of blogs will bombard you with favourites and try to convince you to try out various Blogs, Music, Books and all other things that made it for them in 2016. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy this sort of post because it’s always a … Continue reading 2016 Honourable Mentions (Favourite Books-Edition) #RunnersUp