The Road by Cormac Mcarthy book review



Genre: Horror, Dystopian, Adult Fiction, modern classic

“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasn’t getting ready for them. It didn’t even know they were there.”
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Where to start with Stephen King

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It was only a matter of time before I did this post and I am sure as I continue finding more of King works I will post another one in the not so distant future. He has been one of the best authors I have ever read and I have acquired a sizeable amount of his work. Some people have been asking me… where to start, is he as scary as everyone claims to be, is it hard to get into his work etc. This sparked an idea for a blog post and I can share my experience on how I discovered King and which of his books are more accessible.
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General Updates & End of the Year TBR

Hey, people of the internet hope you are well and taking it one step at a time especially since the year is coming to an end & I am kind of happy to close it… It’s been the year that just left me “sighing” a lot & not to say that it was bad in anyway shape or form but I wasn’t expecting it to go in this direction. Although,  some aspects have been so positive especially in my reading and joining the blogging community which has kept me grounded and I am so excited to see where it will take me.
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Recent Reads, Recommendations & Currently Reading

November already… Just like every living soul in the face of the earth I have to wonder, where the actual F!@# is the year going??

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Regardless, the reading must go on and boy has it been amazing… The books I have recently read have been interesting and lovely. I can safely say that this year has been a very good reading year thus far and I have amazing titles to come.
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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell book review (Favorite)


“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

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Goodreads Rating: 4.01 ★★★★✰

My Rating: 5 ✦✦✦✦ (All Time Favorite)

Genre: Mindfuckery 🙂

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“If you can’t laugh when things go bad–laugh and put on a little carnival–then you’re either dead or wishing you were.”

You have to agree when Stephen King writes a big book it’s usually mind-blowingly amazing and with *Under the Dome* I got nothing less but pure perfection in story-telling. If you have read *The Stand* you will absolutely devour this one. The Story essentially follows the lives of people in Chester’s Mill, from out of nowhere a transparent and impenetrable Dome appears, with that we see how being literally caught in a rock and a hard place might change some people and the story kicks off from there… This book was bizarre in away and very weird, I freaking loved every second of it, from the characterization to the size… YES!!! It was just over 1000 pages but I flew by it so fast, that it surprised me.
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