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About Bill 🙂

Hi there 🙂 I am Bill an ambivert Kenyan Native bibliophile with a passion for literature and a strong believer in the power of photography. I can’t afford to travel(at least not yet :D) but discovering the power of going somewhere new with every book I open is just magical… I am trying to find myself one page at a time. Hope you enjoy my random musings

Also, enjoys Music and Art I’m a basic wanderlust, Occasional Chicken Mushroom Pizza, Coffee, Book-Sniffing, Rainy/Winter season and sleep


About Kenyan Library

I come from a family of non-readers and the feeling of not being able to discuss my various literary journeys was a real downer. On 2015 I decided to open this blog and kind of express my initial thoughts of the books I have read, purchased and just to connect with fellow book lovers. I hope you choose to stay and get a book that will resonate with you throughout your life because I truly believe in the words of Stephen King

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