The Dark Half by Stephen King Book Review


Average Star Rating: 3.73 Stars

My Rating: 4.5 Stars 

“…he was, after all, a novelist…and a novelist was simply a fellow who got paid to tell lies. The bigger the lies, the better the pay.”

First of all with any  King book the reader must understand that they will be freaking traumatised to some extent and you won’t be able to put down his book until the end. So it’s the best conundrum or maybe the worst. The book itself has the classic King vibe to it, a malevolent haunting story which features a protagonist who is a writer (similar to The Shining, Misery etc. both which I highly recommend) and boy was it a ride…

Thad (the protagonist) was a struggling writer after he shifts gears and decides that he will use a new pseudonym (George Stack)… BOOM! Sales and life pick up, the new books are best sellers and a lot grittier and kind of disturbing but the public eats it up. After two years he kind of tries to bury George Stack and go back to his own stuff but what he doesn’t know is the coffin won’t close.

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The sparrows are flying again…

I have to say that King has this ability to sort of make the reader question… Is this actually real?? Or Can this happen??

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And that is true horror in my eyes. I love scaring myself shitless, it’s the thrill but King manages to elevate my fears to a whole other level. How people tend to give themselves ultra-egos and welcome another persona to appear cool or a better version may appear fun but after reading this I got so freaked about that whole concept…

“But writers INVITE ghosts, maybe; along with actors and
artists, they are the only totally accepted mediums of our society. They make worlds that never
were, populate them with people who never existed, and then invite us to join them in their
fantasies. And we do it, don’t we? Yes. We PAY to do it.”

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I can only imagine what the author himself felt after this idea got into his train of thought since he himself writes under the pseudonym (Richard Bachman) (btw if you have a recommendation for a Bachman book feel free to share with me thank you). It was a ride this book with one of the most gruesome scenes (Obviously it’s Stephen King) and would highly recommend it.

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11 thoughts on “The Dark Half by Stephen King Book Review

  1. Ooh this sounds interesting! I really want to read more Stephen King books – I read Four Past Midnight this year, and The Shining a while ago, and really enjoyed both of those. I LOVE scaring myself shitless too (although the most ironic thing just happened while I was typing that sentence, a massive spider came falling down next to my seat and scared the crap out of me, and I most definitely did not love that hahah.) Which other King books have you read/which would you recommend? Also I had no idea that he wrote more books under a pseudonym! Great review 🙂

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    1. Hahaha… So sorry about the spider 🙂 Hate them so much, I would burn my house if i saw one XD. Thanks for reading my review…. I am a massive fan of King and I would recommend
      * Misery
      * Under The Dome although its big
      * The Stand
      * Geralds Game
      * Pet Semetary ( Scared me shitless )

      I have yet to read more but its my goal to do it 🙂

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      1. Haha, yes I feel exactly the same way about spiders! You’re very welcome 🙂 And thanks for the recommendations – Pet Semetary is top of my list, so it’s good to hear it was terrifying 😀 Can’t wait to read it!

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  2. OH, this one is one my TBR-list and now I’m definetly moving it up on the list! Thank you for a nice review. “The Long Walk” is definetly the best Richard Bachman book I’ve ever read. But you should read “The Runner” too, it’s a while since I read it but I remember enjoying it a lot!

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  3. Intrigued…this has slid past my King radar, which is unforgivable! Thanks for mentioning you’d reviewed it on the Mr Mercedes thread. I love the idea that us horror writers invite ghost in…or…thinking about it, with a new perspective, maybe…not 😱

    It is suddenly reminiscent of elements of my short story series with the paranormal brothers tuning into their hobby to a level that invites happenings in. The dark is suddenly all the more eerie…

    Thanks for that 👻

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