Mr Mercedes by Stephen King ( Bill Hodges Series #1) Short Review


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Goodreads Rating : 3.89 ★★★★

My Rating: 4.5 ★★★★★

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense


“Life is a crap carnival with shit prizes.”


I am still waiting for King to disappoint me…

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Is that today…

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I am back with a review for one amazing book after a bad slump this one came to my rescue 🙂


When I heard of Mr. Mercedes the first time I was like “King’s take on crime fiction, I have to read it”… I love crime fiction and when one is written by King you know this is going to have a twist… Dark, Gripping, Page-Turning, exciting ( I ran out of adjectives to describe this)… When I added this to my currently reading list, I got an overwhelming amount of response telling me how this is good and the hype is real.

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I was so enthralled by the cat and mouse game the two characters played. The story follows Retired Kermit Bill Hodges (a retired ex-cop)who gets a surprising letter from Brady (one f$#@! Up psycho who committed a heinous crime) that Bill failed to solve. It shifts between the two perspectives &  brings up the past in one of the most thrilling crime novel ever. The buildup is almost perfection & the pacing is strong.

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We get into the psychology of a killer and the back-story, horrific reveals and perspectives from different people which offered a wider range to the story, typical King style and if you enjoy his writing you will absolutely love this.

“Every religion lies. Every moral precept is a delusion. Even the stars are a mirage. The truth is darkness, and the only thing that matters is making a statement before one enters it. Cutting the skin of the world and leaving a scar. That’s all history is, after all: scar tissue.”

I already knew I would love this, King added his magic touch of great characterization with a balance of a fast paced plot. We got to know our two characters in such a deeper level that you understand their actions. The writing is so sharp with a hint of dark twisted humor in a classic  style and it was delicious. I have read his older works and I have experienced his new stuff like Under the Dome and I have to say his evolution is just getting better.  I am definitely continuing on with the rest of the books in the series… I am so excited & I highly recommend it 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

16 thoughts on “Mr Mercedes by Stephen King ( Bill Hodges Series #1) Short Review

  1. I have NEVER read a King novel but the appeal of this series is so high that I’m picking this one up ASAP! it seems that Mr. King is a master of all genres, he seems to do well in whatever he tries his hand…that’s AMAZING! can’t wait to get sucked into this thriller, love cat & mouse games lol. Great review! 😉

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    1. King is well known for his horror but he has transitioned well to crime and this was gripping and the characterization was amazing I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it 🙂 Thank you


  2. Have to admit I was uncertain when I got this book, but like you it grabbed me. I think you will like the other two. Brady is so not finished with Hodges and the twists get better.

    Coincidentally I’m reading End of Watch at the moment. May never quite look at tablets again 👻

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      1. Good show 😊 If you enjoyed Mr Mercedes then I don’t think you will be disappointed…at least I wasn’t !! Mind you I guess some die hard traditional King horror fans might not find it quite to their tastes, but he writes so well I don’t find the transition at all unsavoury 😊


      2. My pleasure…and are you going to review them too?

        I’ve an ambition to publish some of my writing one day, even have a manuscript ready to go, but just waiting on a decent synopsis. Then I read King and think eeek !!! Have you reviewed any other books of his?

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      3. I have read about 10 of his books and I am currently reading The TommyKnockers 🙂 I have reviewed Under The Dome & The Dark Half on my blog but the rest have reviews on good read 🙂 I have enjoyed all of them thus far 🙂 Yes I will definitely review the rest of the series 🙂

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      4. That suggest you might be missing his opus magna, The Dark Tower series. I’ve read that several times and heard he’s writing another with a different ending. You really must try the first one The Gunslinger f you haven’t already. It’s different again and the film of this series is underway now with Idris Elba as Roland. I’ll check out those reviews of yours too now 😊

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      5. Good show again 😊

        I found the whole world he created there totally absorbing. I believe he describes the opening line of The Gunslinger as one of his best too.
        As a writer I found his book On Writing a fascinating insight into what he thinks about his journey into it. Tonnes of his advice there too.

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