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Hey lovely bookworms, lovely to see you and hope your nose is inside a book not right now though because I am back with another…

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Recommendation Thursday, the series where recommend you 5 books based on a certain topic

Last week’s topic –> Road Trip Books (CLICK HERE)

This week I was inspired by my shelf of BIG books and I realized how some of my all-time favorite reads are over 500 pages, I always find them so comforting and engulfing. I have to admit that some of these books have impacted me in a very special way and changed my view on certain topics and I hope you snag one the next time you pop by the bookstore.
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Road Trip Books Recommendations RECOMMENDATION THURSDAY

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So basically my whole Blogging Schedule has been a bust for the last two months and I deeply apologize for being MIA it’s just that life chooses to unravel and tarnish all my motivation to write and my blog sort of became a ghost town…

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But fear, not things have started to calm down and my reading mood has magically appeared and feels so good * Currently Reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie* and with that, I feel more inspired to create post & to make sure I stick to a schedule I have decided to create this segment called Recommendation Thursday. I will be recommending books based on certain topics, themes, mood and all sort of fun stuff and I hope you will get something out of it hopefully, fingers crossed
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Books About Books

Hey, fellow, readers hope you are well and thanks for visiting my blog 😊

Today’s post was inspired by a book a read last week (It has books on the cover)

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The Borrower by Rebecca Makai


Genre: Book about Books, Adult Contemporary, Humour, LGBTQ+,

which was absolutely delightful and heartfelt here is a sneak peak of the blurb
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Top 5 Mystery books worth your time

β€œThe best secrets are the most twisted”
― Sara Shepard, Twisted

Hello, fellow reader, lovely to see you again πŸ™‚ I hope you are enjoying yourself in this grand festive season as we all await this dreadful year to end…

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